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Ms Raphaëlle Nicolet

Ms Raphaëlle Nicolet is specialized in criminal law, an area in which she has extensive and solid experience.


Raphaëlle Nicolet works in French, English, Spanish and occasionally in German.


She worked for the “Vovan Trocadelyo group” in Bangkok where she advised Swiss nationals and companies regarding Thai and Swiss law, as well as Thai nationals about legal issues related to Switzerland.


Her command of several languages, her professional career in various fields such as aviation and education, as well as her experience of living and working abroad allow her to give specialized advice adapted to a large and varied clientele.

Avocat Droit pénal Vaud (Suisse) Raphaëlle Nicolet, cabinet FairLaw, droit pénal, droit de la famille et droit du travail à Vaud (Suisse)
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